Monday, August 15, 2011

There is a great deal to catch up on . . .

I'm so naughty. I see now where I was many weeks in arrears. At some point, I might try to go back and fill in a few blanks. Jill and I will endeavor to collaborate on our  f o r e v e r  drive home on the Al-Can later. But the short version for the moment is that we arrived safely back in Bremerton August 5th. Midway through our drive we received the sad/bad news that my sister Sue's partner, our dear Jackie Hudson, died. We have since had a very wonderful memorial celebration for Jackie and have had much family and friend time that has been very good. Sue is doing well, considering. And when she isn't, her sisters and brothers and lovely children and friends will give her all the love and support we can.

Today (sad/glad) would have been mine and Bob's 30th anniversary. I always love and miss him, sometimes more consciously than others. I very much felt his presence with me on my Al-Can drive and thought about how great it would have been to be on that journey with him. And how proud of Jill and Jeff he would be, how dang tickled he would be with Melanie and how much he would have loved and enjoyed Amy, too. Jeff is absolutely where he belongs and he and Mel, and now Amy, are building very good lives for themselves in Anchorage. We have such a great network of family and they are very close to their generation of Campbell cousins along with other growing friendships. Jill's next adventure is to be experienced in Seattle. She has matured into such an awesome young woman. We really enjoyed our Alaska time as roommates and friends. She's going to continue to bloom in her beloved Seattle.

Today (happy/glad) is also Jeff and Mel's first anniversary. Just in case you didn't get to see any of the pictures from one year ago, I got these for you:


                                                                                                           I know. 
It makes me really happy, too.