Tuesday, March 15, 2011

He's Henry VIII he is . . .

Or Thumbs McGee as we also like to call him. He's an adoptee who was not being very good to his five year old mistress (we suspect that perhaps she had mishandled him first as small children sometimes do). But he is a love and Amy is ever so happy to have him. At present, he is being housed at Smitty's because Uncle Punk is allergic and Aunt Patty is a McKenzie. Oh yeah, we call him Thumbs because he has so many. Five, in fact: Two on one paw and three on the other. We appreciate a good mutant.

Sorry I've been in arrears on my posts. I was behind and then we've been having hella internet problems. I was just in the middle of getting this post going when our connection was lost and I only just now was able to get back on line. Technology is so awesome when it works and a serious pain in the ass when it does not. 

So Fur Rondy was a fun winter party time. We did go to the Miners and Trappers Ball where Jeff nearly pulled an upset in the Wolf category of the Beard Championship. He didn't end up winning but it was close! Mel had pin curled his stache for the occasion.

I was trying to upload more pictures from Miners and Trappers but am experiencing technical difficulties, again. I'll try again in a couple of days. There's a beautiful one of the three girls (Amy, Melanie, and Jill) and one of Smitty and me. We really had a wonderful time.

Also, Pretty Aunt Patty was here for most of the last week and we even had a day with Uncle Punk before he went south for Mariner spring training. It was great to have time with them both. I'll share more in the next post, which I promise will be forthcoming sooner ; )

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