Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring is trying to have sprung. . .

The snow is mostly gone. Over the last couple of weeks, people are showing signs of renewed life.  Foks are generally becoming brighter and more chipper. (It turns out one Thomas Smith is a much bigger smart ass in the spring than during the winter.) Wednesday started gray and dreary but busted out into blue sky and sunshine around 4:00 in the afternoon.  When I was driving home around 6:00pm there were no fewer than 100 people oot and aboot just in the four block stretch before our house: Moms with little kids and strollers, dog walkers, teenage boys (on bike, with skateboard, with basketball) a couple dozen walkers and strollers, and the elementary school playground teeming with kids. I've never before seen such a stark contrast in signs of life. Now, the forecast calls for the next four or five days to be cold and rainy. This is very exciting because word on the street is that the next day of sun after that rain will see green busting out all over. And very soon it will be time for city wide clean up, where everyone gets out and works in their neighborhood in earnest to clean up what the city crews can't quite get to. Very fun.

You know what else is fun? Having two boyfriends. Yep. And better yet, Tommy and Steve both know about each other and appreciate that the heavy load of serving me is happily shared. Tommy still thinks I need a couple more fellers but as I told him, that is for me to decide and I'm pretty good with the two I have.

Life is good for Mary McKenzie.

Oh yes, my knee rehab is coming along nicely. I've got nearly full range of motion. Now it is about strengthening the rest of my body to straighten out the wonkiness from favoring my left knee. I think I'm just a couple of weeks away from being able to go back to work. I'm hoping that I'll still just be working a couple of days a week as my workers comp has been sufficient to pretty well carry me through the summer and I would much rather continue farting around during all this good weather. I'm pretty sure that if I can have this much fun goofing off during the winter, it should just be that much funner (yes, that was for you, Patty Krisher ; ) in good weather.

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