Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Safety first

I am mending well from my knee surgery. Just one week left of physical therapy and then I'll be off the dole. Sure have appreciated that little WC insurance policy these last couple of months. I've managed to stash enough dough away that I don't actually need to go back to work while I'm here. With Alaska's too quick summer coming, I'm giving serious consideration to just playing. I know. Good idea, huh?

Speaking of playing, I've been playing a fair amount of poker up here. Bad news/Good news: The bad news is that I play too much. The good news is that it is online and for play money. So I get to satisfy my card playing Jones but spend no cash. Now, as I've said before, spring has sprung. So I'm also trying to get out in it as much as I can. To that end, I have taken up bicycle riding. I'm still a bit wobbly and moderately out of shape. But it is definitely good rehab and I'm getting stronger each time. Tommy just lives a mile away from the AHfWWG so it's a very good starter route.

The other day, I was playing poker and checking on line to ensure the proper way to wear my helmet. It was quite a struggle but I finally got the straps straightened out and was just wearing it to get used to it. Suddenly, the absurdity of wearing a helmet while playing video poker struck me and I got quite a giggle from what I saw in my mind's eye. That's just about when Tommy came in the room with his digital camera. I didn't know he even knew how to operate it for video. That guy is just full of surprises. Now he likes to refer to himself as the producer of my internet series: Safety First with Mary.

The videos will follow in my next posting. (I need Jilli to show me how to post video--cuz Tommy ain't that smart yet.)

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