Monday, May 23, 2011

This is why I came . . .

I came north to find fun, freedom, rest, adventure, and time with my kids. If I were to grade my experience thus far, even with the pain and rehab of my knee injury, I would totally give it an A.

Thursday was Jeff's birthday. I got the go ahead the day before from Dr. Mannion (Mary: So, will I be able to golf tomorrow? long pause, Dr. M: I don't know, could you golf before? Bah dum bum!), and Jeff invited me to be his fourth for a round of golf at Settler's Bay. It's out in the valley overlooking Goose Bay with a stretch of mountains beyond. It was beautiful, we all played fairly well for the first round of the season, and enjoyed the day and each other entirely. I held up pretty well and didn't really lose steam until around the 16th hole.

Then it was on to Jeff and Mel's for a birthday BBQ/potluck. I'll list the attendees for those of you who know some of them: Corrie & Nathan, Paul & Stacy, and Ben (all Campbell cousins), Cat and Lee (Catherine Ellis from Bremerton and her sweetheart whom we thoroughly enjoy), Jeff, Mel, (no Amy cuz she had to work, pooh), Phil, Jill, Tommy, Steve, and me. It was a good weather day and Jeff's landlord/neighbor rustled up a little backyard bonfire container and some wood. The food was delicious, the fire lovely, and the company and conversation most excellent. Jeff was visibly pleased.

Saturday, we had a bonus gathering of Jeff, Mel, me, Jill, Cat and Lee. We played Loaded Questions which is always a hoot. But what was really awesome is that Mike Murray had found a couple of videotapes from way back in the day and had them recorded to DVD and sent them to Jeff for his birthday. I don't have adequate words to express what a treat those are. Quite something.

Sunday started out great. It was a lovely, sunny day soTommy and I went to the market downtown and had a great time right up until he was debilitated with dizziness and vomiting. Yep. Right in the middle of the market. But don't worry. People on either side of us continued their lunches. It ended with medics being called and a trip to the ER. All his lab work came back with fairly normal ranges.It was apparently a wicked bout of vertigo. He was pretty miserable for another four or so hours but then it seemed to straighten itself out and he is, happily, much better today. Scary. He said he knew it wasn't a heart attack or stroke or anything like that. I asked him to practice being debilitated but still somehow conveying that information to his companion. I would've liked to have known that sooner. Phewf. I'm just glad he's okay.

I'm having trouble loading Episode 4 of Be Safe with Mary so I'll attempt to post it next time : )

In the absence of comments from my readers, I don't know if you're seeing or enjoying these. I know the comment process on the blog is cumbersome. So if you get a minute, either shoot me a quick e-mail or a FB post. It would be fun to hear from you, too.

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