Sunday, December 5, 2010

Did I mention my friends Roger and Brian are kind of assy?

Funny though.

Y'all don't see the comments that I receive on my blog postings. Regarding my ode to the sweet potato, Brian Swanson suggested that perhaps I was "simply baked" when I wrote that. Well! I never! (Insert feigned indignation here.) I'm going to take it as a compliment and understand him to mean that he thought my words were magical and creative. Thank you Brian.

Now as for Roger: In response to ""it is 5 degrees here he wrote, "It is a chilly 70 degrees here this evening. I have to wear my gloves when I ride my bike." J.C. on a bicycle Rog, way to rub it in. Ooh. That reminds me though: I saw a dude riding his bike across Jewel Lake a couple of weeks ago. That was pretty cool. I bet Roger can't ride his bike across the lake . . .

Yesterday was Bob's birthday. Jeff, Jill and I spent the whole day together. It was nice.  Normally, falling on a Saturday, it would have been the day we would have all gone out to Hubert's. We'd start with a good hot breakfast out somewhere. Then, right when we got to the tree farm, we would've seen a tree we liked in the first half dozen we looked at. Then we would have slogged around out there for another hour or so (at least), hemming and ha-ing. Then we would have gone back and cut down that tree we saw in the first three minutes. I miss the runny noses, the apple cider house, that beautiful view of the Olympics, those little candy canes on the way out. But mostly, I miss how Bob and I always knew that that was exactly how it would go and we would just look at each other and grin and do it anyway. We had a very good gig, he and I.


  1. Love you my girlfriend and our assy friends :-)

  2. Hey Mary,
    Gosh it was high 40's here a couple of days ago. Didn't ride my bike at all. Are you doing any substituting yet. Sounds like things are going ok. We will give you a call in the near future to visit. See ya.