Thursday, December 30, 2010

I cross country skiid and lived to tell the tale.

Amy and I got up and made some delicious oatmeal and coffee and then went on my first and Amy's third cross country ski adventure. Adventure may be an overstatement. It makes it sound so grand. Actually, we only went out for about 40 minutes. But I only fell once and only mildly twisted one ankle and one wrist. It was very exciting and we are going to go again tomorrow morning with Jeff.

After skiing, we went to the best bakery ever, Great Harvest Baking Company (also perhaps the most expensive . . .) and picked up some sandwiches. They are delicious and not overpriced. They are however, mighty proud of their bread: $7.50+ a loaf. That being said, I bought some and felt it entirely worth the price. But here is where their genius lies: You walk in the door and a woman with 8-10 varieties of breads in front of her invites you to come over and have a sample. And these are not little candy-assed sample bites. These samples are very nearly meal sized and d e l i c i o u s! I went there for the first time yesterday, after not dying on a remote wilderness hike. Can you imagine being rewarded for your survival with a huge piece of delicious, free, (and if you want, smeared with fresh butter) bread? Wait. It gets better. After that, I went to Barnes & Noble to check in with Jill and I got pull-through parking! It was really a very good day.

Today, too has been a good day. After skiing and sandwiches, Amy and I made use of some of the Aura Cacia foam bath Jeff gave me for Christmas and had baths at Mark & Renee's (we have an awesome shower at the AHfWWG but no tub). Now I'm going to have a giant nap so I can be ready to enjoy tonight's Indigo Girl's concert at the Bear Tooth. Yep. Indigo Girls in the flesh at the Bear Tooth (1100 seat theater). I'm going all by myself like a grown up lady. It's going to be awesome.

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