Monday, December 20, 2010

Sorry this is going to be anticlimactic . . .

After making you wait so long for an update, I should really deliver a gem. Sorry. No can do. Too tired. So here's the nutshell version of the last week and a half:

  • I had a whirlwind but very good trip home to Washington last weekend.
  • We had a beautiful dinner gathering at Orso's downtown for Jilli's 24th birthday. They even heated the toilet seats in her honor. And the foot food was delicious.
  • I worked 8+ hour shifts at the Pit Tues - Fri. (A handful of interesting experiences within those days that I may report on at a later date.)
  • The kids and I got a beautiful Christmas tree on Saturday. Only $67.00. Yes, I almost pooped. 
  • I've started walking again regularly, at the Dome (an indoor track and football field that costs $50 a month). I thought it was appallingly overpriced in September but now fully understand its value and appeal.
  • Went to Costco today to buy a pair of travel mugs for a Christmas gift. Came out with a rotisserie chicken and some Killer Dave's bread but totally forgot the travel mugs.
  • Watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox with Jilli while she hung up her pictures and other fun things on her wall. She shared her Yoda/Chewbacca BFF painting with me. So now I have at least one thing adorning my bedroom walls.
  • Mel and Jeff came over and Mel made copious amounts of spritzer cookies while Jeff and I played a highly competitive game of hand and foot. Jeff ended up the victor.
  • Meanwhile, back home, Jon LaFrance is preparing to leave for his teaching job in South Korea, Mandi Laxson has moved into Casa Phinney Bay, and Teresa and Daryl are still smitten. 
  • After several days of temperatures below zero, it is presently a balmy 16 degrees and snowing. We're hoping for another bit of frigid temps tomorrow because that means clear skies, the better to watch the full lunar eclipse tomorrow night.
That's all for now. Except for this charming tidbit: If the temperature is single digit or below and the humidity is near zero, when you go outside you get insta boogers. The little bit of moisture that is ever present in normal nostrils freezes instantly and gives you the feeling of perpetually needing a booger check. I know: gross. But pretty interesting. . .


  1. My mother-in-law, aged 74, has the same problem. Go in for one item, come out with two or three but without the one item. Early, waaaay to early!!!!!!

  2. Forgot. I liked the booger information.

  3. Forgot. currently in Alabama looking for a banjo for my knee. Actually nephew is comng home from Navy basic tomorrow. It will be good to see him.

  4. Heard those travel mugs are grand :-) Keep your drink so hot you have to keep the top off so the coffee will cool down to be able to drink it. Merry Christmas!!!