Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"The odds are good . . .but the goods are odd."

Okay. I've taken the leap and have decided to explore the notion of unrelated adult male company (besides Smitty). On that note, I had coffee with a nice fellow by the name of Gary. He does have all his teeth, does not dress in camouflage (though he does like to hunt) and I have discerned that he voted for Obama. The preceding criteria having been met, he has qualified for a second meeting. He is a fourth grade teacher at a Title I school (and I know this to be true for two reasons: 1. I saw his staff picture on the school website, and 2. Really, you can't make up this kind of teacher talk if you're not actually a teacher. You all would have been riveted!)

He seems like a very nice fellow. What remains to be seen is if perhaps he is too nice. And by too nice, I mean well-mannered, proper, and consistently appropriate. I was, of course, all those things, too. Because to bring on the entire real me (bag of fun though I am) upon first meeting could/should send a feller runnin. So it will be interesting to see if he lets his hair down a bit (entirely figurative as he is quite bald).


  1. Horray for Mary. Between teeth and hair, teeth is the better option.

  2. I'm with Oscar on this one Mary...Bald is beautiful!