Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy and safe New Year's Eve everyone!

Last night's Indigo Girls concert was quite something. After I sucked it up about having to stand (but seriously, I am not a stander!) I was very glad I was there. Emily and Amy are amazing. Powerful in voice, instrumentation, and lyric they were true to every note for two hours straight. What generous performers.

Amy and I went cross country skiing with Jeff this morning. It is incredibly convenient that there is a park and trail five doors down from their place. One full loop is about 40 minutes or so (at our current beginners' pace). I know Jeff can do it much more quickly. In fact, he took half an additional loop in the time it took Amy and I to finish the original. We're thinking by the time we're competent and quick enough to do two loops it might be time to try Kincaid Park. They have a groomed trail that is open and lit 24/7. We're having a particularly warm day today though, nearly 40 right now. So it'll be interesting to see where that leaves our skiing for tomorrow.

We're having a bonfire at Renee and Mark's down next to the lake. But this warm temperature has turned our precipitation from snow to rain. The city of Anchorage has okayed fireworks for tonight which will be awesome--if it ain't raining. Wish us and the weather gods luck : )

Hope you all have a dandy evening. Talk to you next year!

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  1. I am caught up and quite jealous. Wish I was there instead of a part of the Jerry Seinfeld show. OMG! Good Christmas, ok just an ok Christmas but new years is looking up. Kelsey should be here in about three hours or so completing her trek from San Diego. We are very excited. I'll give you a call over the weekend.