Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Apparently I was a day late and a dollar short with the Airborne. I do believe, however, that my cold is at about 70% of what it might've been. That being said, I am about to take a giant nap.

But before I do that I have three four five things to report:

1. I got my studded tires installed this morning and it seems to be in the nick of
    time. There is a beautiful layer of snow in them thar hills and the vibe is that
    snow is coming to the basin very shortly.
2. I just landed a sub gig for Nov. 9. Why so far in advance, you ask? Because I
    was requested. That's right. My intro e-mail to South has paid off. Whew!
    Things are looking up.
3. Because I feel kind of poopy, I limited my physical exertion to two games of
    bowling today:
         Game 1: 123
         Game 2: 200
    I'm not even kidding you. Two hundred. I haven't broken two hundred in a 
    couple of decades.
4. I got to see Jeff for a bit today and that was awesome. He had a very productive
    trip to the Seattle area for business and time with friends plus he got to go to
    Sunday's Seahawks game. It's good I waited to see him until today as he just
    started to recover his voice ; )
5. Jilli got home late last night from her Seattle trip to help John Olson celebrate
    his birthday. She had a very good time but was uber tired. She's going to take  
    a giant nap also. THEN we will be in full form for tonight's Rocky Horror
    Picture Show GLEE. Whoo hoo! (And then in bed by 9:00 cuz Imma gonna get
    up at 5:30 just like I have a real job already so that if Madonna from Dimond
    calls me, I will be all over it! I know. It's a good plan.)

Nighty night.

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