Thursday, October 21, 2010

Half caff is still too much caff after 7:00pm

The rest of y'all probably already knew that. I became acutely aware of it at 2:15 this morning. That's when I almost started to get tired. The good news is that the Jill, Amy, and I are all caught up on Project Runway and Glee. OH NO! Except that our DVR did not record last night's Rocky Horror episode and it is not carried on our On Demand server. Woe is us.

I was fixin to head out for a walk this morning but instead exercised some professional discipline. Yesterday, I e-mailed each member of the Dimond High School English and Social Studies staff with an introductory e-mail. (Dimond is within walking distance, so that would definitely be my preferred site--especially during inclement weather.) Today, I sent the same intro to the folks at South High (about a 15min drive). I'm hoping that this will improve the sub request flow. Somethin's gotta give. If not opened floodgates, a trickle would be nice.

I did get a couple of server resumes dropped off yesterday. I was thinking about applying at Spenard Roadhouse. They have a shift that includes weekend brunches. That is right up my alley but I have started attending the Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and really think I have found a place in that community. I'd hate to have to cross it off the list because I work every Sunday.  Hmm, gainful employment or spiritual and social connectedness? Seriously, this is a tough one. Maslow's hierarchy of needs would suggest employment but tending to my spiritual and social well-being in a new place is pretty big stuff. Maybe I'll get some other gig and it'll be a moo point.

I gave you this picture because it makes me feel happy to look at it. I believe it is one of my better pensive poses. Plus, John Olson's birthday is coming up so my gift to him long distance is at least the memory of fun times with his Jilli and the Momma.

Happy Birthday John!

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  1. What a adorable picture :-) Maybe make up some cheapo business cards to dispense to people that you may run into to request you for a sub :-) xoxo connie