Friday, October 22, 2010


Amy and I went bowling for funsies today: 153, 173, 184, 159. Just sayin'.

And more bowling: I subbed on my friend Smitty's league tonight and established a 152. Now based on my bowling earlier in the day, that should be no problem. Based on the last 25 years, I'm a bit concerned. OR maybe bowling is like my golf game--I'm just getting better. Either way, it was fun getting out and meeting new folks.

My final accomplishment for the evening is that I was up for several hours after I got home and managed not to eat any junk before going to bed. I'm even a little bit hungry but I'm reminding myself that just as tears are gifts during grief (did you know that? They don't always seem like a gift but they totally are. . .), so are hunger pangs when one is attempting to lose weight.

Too many deep thoughts. . . must      sleep     now.

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  1. Mary, nice job. What a great way to keep in touch.