Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still no gig, still gotta play . . .

Whenever I click on Sub Positions Available it says no jobs. I find myself obsessive/compulsively standing over the enter button with a "how 'bout now . . .how 'bout now. . . how 'bout now, infinity kind of behavior. That ain't no good. So I called the District Sub Dispatch number. Got voicemail and no response yet again on how a sistah can hook up (and no, I didn't ask it like that). Aargh. But I did get my waitress resume shined up so I'm going to hit the bricks again tomorrow.

Now about yesterday's bowling. I was incensed and insulted when Smitty asked if I wanted to take advantage of Monday's senior rate. . .right up until I found out that meant one buck per game. Heck yeah! So I put a crisp fiver on the counter and bowled as follows: 116, 166, 131, 115, 193. I'm not even kidding.        I know, I'm quite something aren't I? My bowling scores could often be used as good practice in a math or stats class studying mean, median, and mode.

Now as for the Sound of Music singalong event: Totally fun! It was pretty funny when Julie Andrews started singing "the hills are alive." I think we collectively realized that we could not come close to her vocal prowess but a few brave souls warbled along while many others giggled. After that, we got to sing with the Von Trapp children so theater voices grew stronger and less tentative. Sometimes it was fun to sing along, other times it was very cool just to quietly listen to all the other voices. I'm quite sure I never saw the movie on the big screen before, just in VHS format on my then huge 19 inch TV. With digital remastering of color and sound and on the big screen, it was fantastic. And it really is quite timeless in its subject matter, humor, and charm. If you have a chance to attend a singalong Sound of Music, you should totally do it.

Relatively mild temperatures here. It looks like y'all are in for some halfway decent weather for the next couple of days. Get out and play in it if you can. If you can't go out and play, you should totally youtube Bjork, Triumph of a Heart video. Honest to Pete. Goodness gracious. For the love of Kelly. That whacky Icelander will make you smile at least once. (P.S. We believe her faceplant to be the real deal. It was awesome.)

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