Friday, November 19, 2010

Alaska's Home for Wayward Washington Girls now open . . .

Tonight is our second night in our groovy new bachelorette pad. It has been a bit of piecemeal moving for all of us as we all have very full and very different work schedules. But we've got it pretty well knocked out. The kitchen, bathrooms, and our bedrooms are all fairly well settled. The living room furniture looks like it has landed in the middle after the tornado. But we'll have some time to get that squared up on Saturday.

It is very curious being all grown up but feeling like I'm just starting again. I must say, I quite rather like it. I like my small, neatly appointed room. I like hanging out with Jill and Amy. And I like having to work and struggle a bit to get by. It helps me better prioritize how I spend my time and money. It turns out I can do with quite a lot less than I had become accustomed to. It's not exactly Walden Pond but it is likely as close as I'mma gonna get.

It has not snowed measureably since the first big snow. But it is quite rather cold. In the teens. I've been giving some thought to changing my blog name to holyshitskyitscold but I've decided I'll only do that if we get below zero.

Got my car winterized today. My gas mileage was woeful so I thought a block warmer might be helpful. Also, I was due for a tune up. But most compelling, and likely most impactful, is that I had my spark plugs changed--apparently for the first time. Ever. So 144,243 miles is longer than recommended for spark plugs. Who knew?

I'd best be hitting the hay. I have an 8 hour wait shift tomorrow. Now, most folks work 8 hour shifts and don't really blink. But working 8 hours, on your feet, waiting tables, when you're 51 and moderately out of shape is a bit like dog years: it'll be like working 56 hours.

I know. You feel like a candy ass now, don't you?

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