Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gainful employment is good.

Yay tips. Boo being on one's feet all day. But then again, yay tips. So I'm going to make renewed acquaintance with my old friend Aleve and some regular hot, soaking baths. Come to think of it, a busy night at Tony's pretty well kicked my butt and THAT WAS ELEVEN YEARS AGO! But you know what else comes with this old body? Know how, work ethic, and the ability to make folks feels entirely welcome and cared for. I am enjoying that very much.

I don't speak Korean yet, so communication with the owners/cook can be a bit tricky still but overall, they seem to be pleased with me. And my manager/coworker tells me that I will most certainly know it if they are not.

I've started reading my new book group book, Zeitoun by Dave Eggers. If I were Jill, Zeitoun would be underlined because it would be a link to tell you all about the book. But because I'm me, you're gonna have to hit Amazon or B&N and look it up your ownself.  I like it very much so far. That's good because I think I'm supposed to have it read by next Tuesday

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  1. My oldest daughter Taylor is Korean, remember.
    "Anyong ha sae yo" means "hi, how are you" in Korean.
    And...that's about all the Korean I know. You're on your own.