Sunday, November 7, 2010

Don't you love that extra hour?!

Normally, I'm pissy about getting our bonus hour in the fall because typically, I need it something fierce in the spring. But I must say, I enjoyed it very much. I got to spend the evening with Jeff. While Jill and Mel watched many episodes of True Blood, Jeff and I played crib and poker and Wii bowling. I brought a bag and sacked out there last night so I could hit the Fellowhip in Midtown and get back to catch the Seahawks game. Woof, they were woeful! But it sure was fun to have time with my Jeppy.

In the course of yesterday, I finally got to talk to Kris. We had a good long talk. It was not without pain but it was really good. We figured some things out and feel like we'll be able to navigate each other in the best possible way. He's a good man.

I asked Amy what I should write about in my blog. She said, "That it is snowing and it is very beautiful." Yep. There may come a time when the snow loses its luster for Amy and I but that time is definitely not now. We are in awe every day of the beauty that is Alaska.

I better head to bed because I have to work tomorrow. Just sayin'. Oh yeah, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday. I'm feeling very grown up now. We get to move into our groovy bachelorette pad this weekend. We should probably buy some silverware.

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  1. I was feeling kind of grumpy about doing the time change too until it was such a little pleasure going to my car and being able to see the car key lock to put the key in easily :-)