Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Funny joke, weather gods.

So. It's snowing in Bremerton.

In Anchorage, it's icing. Yup. Ice. Falling from the sky in the form of frozen rain and turning every surface into a skating rink. And me without my skates.

This morning, I scooted out to get my car warmed up on this icy day. Unfortunately, I was looking at how icy the car was and the ground around it and had no notion of the ice under my feet. Boy howdy, did I hit the deck. I laid on the ground long enough to curse and cry (just a little bit) and ascertain that I was not critically wounded. Then I picked myself up, tried to regain my composure, and figure out how I was going to get to my car in one piece. Several attempts told me it was folly in any footwear I have but then I had a MacGyver moment. No duct tap, chewing gum, or paper clips but it did occur to me that I may be able to get a good enough grip if I laid a bath towel across the ice to my car door. And it worked! I am so tickled when I actually have notions that work out. So I managed to get myself on down the road. I was late, but at least I made it safely.

Tomorrow, I'm going to get up earlier and go to the store to get something called "Ice Melt" and also some of those spiky attachments for the bottoms of my shoes. I do not wish a repeat performance. Now it's two more Aleve and hope for a decent night's sleep. I've gotta believe I'm gonna be might sore tomorrow. . .


  1. hhahaha, it's not funny. you've heard of ice melt before, right? i'm sorry you cried. alaska sounds like it is out of control. and like you have to wake up an hour earlier just so you can get places...

  2. Shoe Chains work great! Lary got me a pair long ago when I was commuting to school to Kirkland and walking the Seattle Hills in the winter time. I still got them!

  3. Want me to send you an alert thing to wear around your neck? I think when you push it, it goes straight to all of your friends with a recorded message..."Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" I would do that for you Mary, 'cuz that is just the kind of friend I am!