Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 is flying by already!

I hope and trust that you had a safe and happy New Year's celebration. It warmed up sufficiently to be fairly comfortable outside and the rains stayed away. It wasn't quite as spectacular as a Samish Island firework show but it was pretty good. I've gotta believe it made for a much better display than what they do for the 4th, what with very little darkness. Mark and Renee hosted us at their lovely lakefront home. We had a bonfire down by the lake and most folks exercised moderation pretty well --some drinking and perhaps a little bit of pot smoking--with the exception of "drunk neighbor lady." She managed not to get burned despite reaching her hand repeatedly into the bonfire in search of something with which to light her cigarette. Wow.

Jeff, Mel, and Brock came over for another slumber party. We had cinnamon swirl from Great Harvest bakery which can be best described as a giant, unfrosted cinnamon roll. But don't worry, it's made from wheat flour so it's good for us. Plus, we had scrambled eggs and bacon. And played Frog Juice. It was a fun morning. Then all the kids had to scoot to work so I did housework and was all manner of accomplished. Later, Smitty came over and we had some delicious leftover homemade chicken noodle soup (I made it my veryownself) and then we watched Whale Rider on the AHfWWG giant 19" TV screen. It's amazing how we can adapt back and actually still enjoy a movie despite it not being on a big, plasma screen. Good dang thing, since it is what we have and what we can afford. . .

We had a fun taco soup and guacamole party at Mark & Renee's for tonight's Seahawks game. It is quite something feeling like the 12th Man as we cheered them on to their unique NFL record: First losing team to make it to the playoffs. It'll be interesting to see what they do with it.

P.S. Cross country skiing was poopy today. The conditions were crazy slick and my $5.00 ski boots fell apart before I even got around the corner. Harumph. I may have to go to the used sporting goods store and spend $20. Dang it. Should be lousy skiing for a few days. We'll just wait for some fresh snow and cold temps again. Back to the Dome I go.

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