Sunday, February 20, 2011

Association update: When it rains, it pours.

And in the words of The Weather Girls, "It's raining men. Hallelujah!"

This week was what I'm calling my Tommy Trifecta. Because there's my Tommy (Smitty), old Fairbanks dude Tom, and then last night I had a nice date with Tom who is a retired air force guy who works as a forest ranger in Girdwood. He was pretty chatty but it turns out that's because he was a bit nervous. We played three games of pool, had a soda and a nice visit. He's quite a lovely fellow. I think we may get together next Sunday to take in some of the Fur Rendezvous activities.

Now in a real Trifecta, the bettor predicts which will come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. I am not at liberty to say the outcome as that would not be ladylike. I mean, because that is crass. I mean, because there is nothing to report. Actually, the real winner is me. Because I have decided to date freely and frequently and know that I am free to design and determine the nature of any of my associations and that I don't need to require so dang much of myself. How liberating is that?

Today is an awesome day already. Jeff, Mel and Brock came over for family breakfast (bacon, eggs, and banana pancakes). Now they, and Amy, are cross country skiing while Jilli is taking a nap, and I will be following her lead here shortly. Mel is cooking dinner tonight for all of us at Mark & Renee's with a handful of the young cousins joining us. It should be great fun.

Yesterday was beautiful but cold--in the single digits. Today is cloudy but still only 15 degrees (usually the cloud cover brings a bit higher temperatures). The extended forecast calls for several very sunny days. Cousin Mark says we're going to get a ton more snow this week. I actually believe Mark more than the forecasters as they are wrong way more frequently than back home. Plus, I always vote for snow.

My knee is still improving though it's not yet 100%. I'll need to decide tomorrow whether or not I think it is ready for an 8 hour wait shift on Tuesday. Income would be good.

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