Monday, February 14, 2011

My adventure was super more funner last week because Teresa was here!

And now we need a vacation from our vacation. I am spent. I would speak at length to what we did and saw on our bonus adventure but there is too much to tell and none of it will be as exciting to you as it was to us. Plus, I think Teresa and I should tag team the telling. So I'm going to have her e-mail her comments to me and I will post them (complete with my interjections and occasional debunking).

Short version: (think Barney Stinson): Awesome! Maybe even legen, wait for it . . .dary!

It was so great to have Teresa here. Four days was just not long enough. There is so much more to do and see here. And the Fur Rendezvous starts next weekend, beginning with the Carhartt/Duct Tape Ball and ending with the Miners and Trappers Ball on March 5th. (Smitty and I are going but not in costume, except kind of. We're going to color our hair and get tatted up and possibly adopt alter egos. Our vision, as you might guess, is still a work in progress. Jill and Amy are going also.) We will endeavor to attend the Outhouse Races and go Ice Bowling plus any number of the other 90 or so scheduled events.

So if you're wanting fresh info from the last several days and are bummed you're not getting it here, blame Teresa. I will. Because that's what friends are for.

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