Friday, February 18, 2011

In the absence of Teresa's input, I'm going to have to give you an association update. Blame Teresa. I do.

Advisory: If you recall,  I have decided to memorialize (no, I don't mean immortalize) lamo Gary by referring to my dates as associates and our relationships as associations. I was right, I am having more fun already.

Also, if you recall, I met a potential associate at Middle Way Cafe a couple of Saturday's ago and had a real nice conversation with him. It seemed there may have been some potential there but alas, it was a bust. Boo. It turns out that when he said he would really enjoy a massage he meant he would really enjoy a massage. All this time, I thought massage was a euphemism for well, you know, a massage, wink wink, nudge nudge. But no. So I dropped him like a hot potato.

So tonight I had a meeting with an associate from Fairbanks. Tom is quite a nice old feller. I rather enjoyed him. While this association has no long term potential (old + Fairbanks = nonviable, for reals), it'll be fun to have a play date when he comes to town from time to time. He loves golf and was quite impressed with my rather extensive knowledge of the game and its lingo. I know. I'm pretty amazing. Oh. And from the small world files, he totally knows Renee's husband Mark. Weird.

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