Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Brush Off

I don't feel that I am reaching my potential in our association. I have other friends that make me feel more comfortable with being who I am. Thanks for trying me out.

Dang. And I thought things were going so well ; )

So Thursday at work, I fell. Again. This time I injured my knees, the left one much more dramatically than the right one. I would say I looked much like a hockey goalie in form when they drop to their knees to protect the goal. Except I wasn't on ice skates, I was wearing no padding, and I don't have the training or conditioning for that particular movement. Also, they probably don't roll over onto their back in slow motion and then just lay there like I did. It probably wouldn't look that cool if they did.

I did get ice on it right away and kept it iced much of the first 8 hours or so. I think that made a world of difference. It is still fairly painful but much improved generally. I'm hoping that it is just bruised, contused, and strained versus actually torn. I'm gonna see what it looks and feels like on Monday.

Jeff subbed for me at bowling on Friday night. He typically carries an average somewhere in the 130-140's. His first game was a painful 104. His second game was a 209! Then he finished with a 140somethin. His first 200 game, ever. So that was super cool. Then we met up with all the kids down at the corner pool hall and came home later and played Apples to Apples. Jeff, Mel, and Brock spent the night so we could have family b-fast. It was awesome having them.

Then, what with not meeting Gary's potential in our association, I followed up on another internet contact and met a new feller at the Middle Way Cafe this afternoon. We had a nice visit and I think there is some potential for a mutually agreeable association. I think that's my new word. I shall heretofore refer to potential dates and such as associates and will update you from time to time on how our association is progressing.

I think I'm having more fun already.

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