Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day

Jilli had to work that night. Boo. So she couldn't join us. But for funsies, Smitty invited me, Amy, and his daughter Chelsea to Orso's for their wonderful after 9:00 happy hour. It wasn't a "I Hate Valentine's Day Party" so much as a let's get together with people we love and celebrate. It was among the very best VD parties for all of us. Ever.

I stopped by to see Chung on Monday to see if he would let me come back this week just 1/2 days. My knee is improving but still not great and an 8 hour wait shift seems like a bad idea. Nope. He doesn't want me back til I'm all better. So now I'm dabbling with a little semi-retirement interlude. I'm waaayyyyy better at it than I ought to be : )

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