Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brian Swanson was high scorer. . .

at tonight's Alaska Aces hockey game. He had one goal and three assists. You didn't know he played hockey, too, didjya? Okay, maybe it's a different Brian Swanson. Sure was fun tonight. They whomped Victoria, 6-1. The kids got to go to the game last night on some tickets Renee passed to them. They enjoyed the game but our Aces lost 4-1 last night.

I couldn't go last night because I was committed to bowling badly, as is my habit on Friday nights. The good news is that my bowling team consists of four people who endeavor to bowl their level best but don't get too worked up when it doesn't come to pass. So we have a pretty great time even though we stink. After bowling, we all went to Spenard's for Halfy Appy and to hunker down and await for a jam session. Anchorage hosts a free folk music festival for two weekends running. Last night's opening act was an Irish band and after the gig, they rolled on over to the Roadhouse to be joined by another 15 or so local musicians to jam. In one corner there was traditional Irish music. At the other end of the restaurant it was more bluegrass influenced, complete with stand up bass. All this while big fatty flakes of snow were drifting past the big windows. I'm tellin ya, this is a pretty cool town. There's lots to do and if you pay attention, a fair amount of it is free or cheap.

I picked up my skis today and Jeff, Amy, and I hit Russian Jack (one of a number of parks in town) for cross country. I'm still fairly tentative but I went down an actual hill (after standing at the precipice for quite sometime) and did not fall. Phewf! I'm anxious to go again soon but there is football to be watched tomorrow and some folk music festival to be woven in as well. So if I don't get called into teach on Monday
I just may go old guy bowling (Monday is Senior day--only $1 a game) and cross country skiing.

Holy shitsky! I almost forgot to tell you. My bff/wing man Teresa is coming up for a visit! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! We are going to have some kind of fun. Oh yes. Anchorage won't know what hit it. . .

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