Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let me tell you about my BnBe (Best not-Boyfriend, Ever.) Oh yeah, and then maybe the one I'm dating.

Tommy Thomas McSmitterson Smith or, as Jill calls him Smithers, is better known to you as Smitty. It turns out that he is a great and wonderful friend and if it is at all possible, I should want you all to meet him. Guess you'll have to come to Alaska. Every single woman needs a wing man and since Teresa lives 2500 miles away, that job in Alaska has gone to Smitty. He takes it quite seriously and is loaded with good advice.Here's one: "You should probably have two or three boyfriends. No one man can meet all of any one woman's needs. Maybe you should have four." He is boyfriend number one. The one that doesn't put out. So he's not really boyfriend number one but rather, the un-boyfriend. But he does provide: an arm in the snow, great companionship, good counsel, honey-do attitude, and honest perspective. Let me just say that the load of boyfriend numbers 2, 3, & 4 will be pretty light work.

Speaking of which, I do have another date with Gary this Saturday. We're going to Komagoro, a Japanese restaurant downtown and then we're going to see Black Swan. I'm just trying to think of what fun, light movie I want to have at the ready for when I get home. I'm pretty sure the content of Black Swan is not what I want to ingest immediately before bedtime.

I finally got a call to work at Dimond High yesterday but alas, had already committed to working lunch at the Pit for a big once-a-month gathering. But, I left a message on my voice mail to that extent and Madonna, the Dimond High secretary, appreciated the message and it sounds like she will certainly call me again. So I'm feeling like subbing is about to bust wide open. And by wide open I mean probably a day or so a week.

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