Monday, January 10, 2011

Episode 12: The one where my date drops me off in the parking lot . . .

and leaves. Drives off. Just as I am putting my key in the door. Did I mention it was 10:00 at night? Or the minor detail that it was 10 degrees? Gary gets 50 demerits. (I have yet to determine the total merit system. I'm working on it.)

It actually was a pretty nice date, overall. We had an entirely mediocre dinner with fairly awkward conversation. I know. Sounds good so far, huh? But it really did get better. We went to Sullivan Arena for the Aces hockey game. There was lots of time for visiting which we somehow managed to loosen up a bit and get better at. The game was really fun. The Aces are a top notch minor league team with a good record, there were some penalties, of course, but none of that gross fighting for sport stuff that I don't like, and the score was 5-3, good guys. So that was fun.

Because Gary was otherwise fairly thoughtful, I'm gonna give him grace and decide he just brain farted (he still gets the demerits, though). He did follow up with a nice e-mail thanking me for a fun evening and inviting me out again next weekend. So while I seriously doubt my destiny lies with Gary, I'll surely give it another shot. Pancho Villa's and a movie TBD. Perhaps I'll drive this time . . .

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  1. You're a subject line stealer! But I ain't mad at ya. I think you're funny.