Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dating is not as exciting as it might sound ; (

Okay. So Amy may have been right. Black Swan may not have been a good choice for a date movie.  Particularly when you have not so much as "bumped fingers" as Aunt Leenie would say (in reference to that awkward place in a new relationship where no one has made a single move).  So should I have gently reached over and taken his hand after the Nina/Lily bedroom scene? Or during one of her bloody, violent hallucinations? Hmmm. A conundrum. Don't worry, dinner included lots of awkward silences and our parting physical contact was a handshake. Yes. A handshake. Not a lingering, meaningful holding. More of a business handshake. If I were meeting him for the first time, I would have been duly impressed with it. On a fifth date, not so much.

So I went over to Smitty's to commiserate and debrief. He was very helpful. We watched South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut and had great fun. What a good guy that Smitty is. I think next Saturday, we're going to scope out the Over 35 Singles Dance Club. They have a weekly Saturday dance from 7-12 with lessons from 7 to 8. And next Sunday, I've been invited to my bowling teammate Diane's for a Super Bowl party. She is a lone Steelers fan in a house that will be full of Green Bay fans. I don't actually give a shit, so I'm going to throw in with Diane and root for the Steelers. She is a great gal who reminds me quite a lot of my friend silly Linda (from the Twinkie Store) minus the crazy hair and make up. But like Linda, she has a great sense of humor and play, and knows her mind and speaks it, always. I really like that about her.

Heading to a late breakfast with Ames. Then I'm meeting up with Jeff for XC skiing at Kincaid. Then it's on to Chocolate Dwellers to join Catherine Ellis and her sweetheart Lee Burmbaugh's combo birthday party and then to the closing concert at the Folk Festival with Smitty. I love a leisurely Sunday . . .

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