Thursday, January 6, 2011

The warming trend is over for now.

We're back to being in the 20s and spectacularly clear and beautiful. Downside: all that mush stuff has turned to ice. Yes. I am wearing my spikes faithfully. Thanks for asking.

I've watched an introductory video on cross country skiing. So despite the lack of replacement boots for my skis, Jeff, Mel, and I are going to Kincaid Park tomorrow. Apparently, that is a world class cross country trail that is actually groomed daily. So despite variations in the air temp, the trails at Kincaid are supposed to be good. So I'm going to rent equipment tomorrow and then shop more fully later. (I struck out at the thrift stores so I may need to break down and spend real money. Boo.)

Jill and I saw True Grit today. We recommend it. Tomorrow I'm going to a matinee of The King's Speech.

Tomorrow is my first night bowling as a member of my team. Smitty and I practiced today in preparation. I was woeful. Didn't even make my average once. Hopefully that means I'm saving up my greatness for league play. Then Saturday is my big date with Gary the teacher. We're going to dinner and then an Anchorage Aces game. They are a minor league hockey team that is presently on a winning streak.  I had suggested going to a UAA game instead as I am not fond of the blood-sport nature that seems pervasive in hockey. But apparently minor league play has cleaned up considerably in the last several years, so I'm a gamer. It should be great fun.

I will report on these and other happenings later. (Oh good. It's after 9:00. I can go to bed now. . .)

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  1. Gary. Who is this Gary guy. Have we met him. Can we get more details. Hmmm, teacher guy, can't be all bad!