Monday, January 17, 2011

Warning: This blogpost may contain some information regarding my very boring and moderately painful dating life. Read on at your own peril.

First let me just say: It is very cold in Alaska. Even the Alaskans are commenting on it. It is presently -9. Right here in town. Not on Hillside or in the outlying areas. Right here. (I'm sure those place are double digit minus.) But we are expecting a warming trend to the teens later this week that is supposed to bring snow with it. A fresh round of snow would be loverly! And the teens are a much more palatable temperature for being out in it, working on our fledgling cross country ski skills.

I am much relieved that starting this week, I will be working just two days a week at the BBQ Pit (Tuesdays and Thursdays). This is just enough to cover my rent and utilities and frees me up to more actively pursue substitute teaching. I can't solicit gigs when I'm waitressing 5 days a week. Plus, that is way too many 8 hour waitress shifts for this 51 year-old who does not have a bath tub for soaking tired old bones.

We had a great time helping Amy celebrate her 26th birthday Friday night. Jeff, Mel, Jill, Amy's friends Phil, Tiffany, Chris, and I had a great time at Benihana's for her birthday dinner. I had never been before and it really is a fun celebratory experience. Then Smitty joined us all at the Buckaroo Club in Midtown where we (our collective) owned one of the pool tables for a couple of hours. I keep forgetting that I don't hate these places anymore (now that they are all smoke free). It's pretty fun hanging out with people you enjoy and shooting pool. Makes me miss the Grable's gang and shuffleboard something fierce, though : (  It worked out nicely, too, so I could be the driver for the youngsters who partook fairly heavily of the Buckaroo's libations. But we were back home by 1:00 for a fairly low-key after party at the AHfWWG.

So the quick update on the dating scene is that I took Gary out for a nice lunch downtown. I thought I was taking him to the Snow Goose, which has a beautiful view and pretty decent micro-brew/restaurant food. But alas, they are closed on Sundays. So we hit a place called Sal's that was very good, but no view. Thus far, meals with Gary are moderately awkward. The conversation just    does    not           flow. But then we went to the Dome and had a nice walk and a good visit. I don't know if it just takes him that long to warm up his conversational chops or if we should simply never eat together again. Hmmm. It was still nice getting out though. Smitty wants me to invite him out bowling with us so he can adequately scrutinize him. I told him that would be a great idea because things aren't quite awkward enough already.

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